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    Implementation Notes

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    The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) is responsible for issuing seasonal climate outlook maps for one to thirteen months in the future. In addition, the CPC issues extended range outlook maps for 6-10 and 8-14 days as well as several special outlooks, such as degree day, drought and soil moisture, and a forecast for daily ultraviolet (UV) radiation index. Many of the outlook maps have an accompanying technical discussion. The CPC's outlook and forecast products complement the short range weather forecasts issued by other components of the National Weather Service (e.g. local Weather Forecast Offices, and National Centers for Environmental Prediction). These weather and climate products comprise the National Weather Service's Suite of Forecast Products.

    • Monthly to Seasonal Climate Outlooks

      The CPC issues maps showing the probabilities of temperature, precipitation and sea surface temperatures (SSTs) deviation from normal for the next month and three month periods. These outlooks are issued from 2 weeks to 13 months in advance, for the lower 48 states and Hawaii and other Pacific Islands. In addition, seasonal climate outlooks show average temperature (degrees Fahrenheit) and precipitation (inches) for the lower 48 states by climate regions, and probability of exceedance outlook .

    • Special Outlook Products

      The CPC also issues a Palmer Drought Outlook, Weekly Degree Day Outlook, 14-day Calculated Soil Moisture Outlook, Probability of Exceedance Outlook, daily UV Index Forecast, and verification of seasonal outlooks.

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